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Kream 2g Disposable

Kream carts is the new innovation in vape technology, providing a perfect and discreet way to enjoy your favorite cannabis items. Each Kream 2g vape disposable contains 200mg of THC distillate that has been infused with terpenes from cannabis flower. Kream disposables can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere with no spilling or leaking.

Kream disposables


 Kream dispo is a best choice for any person who wants to try vaping for the first time. It is made of plastic and comes with a ceramic warming element that heats up immediately, so there is no waiting around. The vape kit contains 2 pre-filled cartridges with cannabis oil within them and is accessible in different colors including blue, black, pink and green.


Kream 2g disposable vape 


If you are looking for the best way to get your hands on a Kream vape, then look no additional. The top place to buy Kream disposables is right here. We give ourselves on providing our customers with standard products at affordable prices, so be sure to check out selection today!

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